Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Few of my Favourite Things

Amanda & I had a most excellent time with Sandra & Larry from Artisan Knitworks. Sandra told me that they've got a new web master tapping away on a keyboard to get a more extensive & shoppable website up - keep checking back. They opened their home & store to us with flawless hospitality - I can think of nothing that would have made our time with them better or more memorable.
We took
the train down - perfect knitting time! It was our first train journey & it was quite fun. I might have to learn to pack lighter though. Nah!!

The ladies who came for the knit one below workshop all went away with Inside Outside Scarves started and/or mastered, a gleam of the endless possibilities open to them sparkling in their eyes & Elise's book in hand, favourite designs marked. Amanda was amazing - I was an excellent teacher but a wretched mother. That little girl sat quietly, starting and frogging her own scarf while I smiled at her and went on to the next student. We had our time later while we watched Prince Caspian and she's well into her 1st K1b scarf.

Yes, I bought some yarn but there is no possible way to go into that store & come out without a treasure or two or more. I'll take some pics of the yarn tomorrow. I also bought some lovely felted mittens for all of the ladies at the office. I know, a bit of a short cut but they were handmade by someone and Amanda personally put a lot of thought into picking them all out. I'll take pictures of those tomorrow too.

It was wonderful to come home though. Back where there is real 18% cream for my coffee, where the speed limits are in kph, where the money is easily identifiable and where my heart is! But you have to go away to be able to come back & I'd go visit Sandra & Larry again any day - I highly recommend it if you're in the area!!

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