Sunday, December 7, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - The Finale

Nick & Starr are totally the favourites going into this finale, Ken & Tina stand a chance if Tina can reign in her not-so-inner bitch and the Frat Boys, well, they've made it this far so there's always a Snow Flake 2 snowball's Snow Flake 5 chance in hell that they can win it.

Back to the good old US of A!
Team D'Andrew's luck holds true - the only airport cabbie who doesn't know where Newberg is.
High & Dry or Low & Wet
High & Dry seems the better choice - at least your in a harness in case you fall.
Low & Wet sounds ... well, wet.
Geez Tina!! You might have wanted to mention/remind Ken of the scared of heights thing when you were picking out the task.
C'mon Tina - suck it up, finish the task and then an expert will help you get the helmet off.
Frat Boys should choose a cabbie with a text-to-speech GPS.
Ken knows that you're scared of heights but we know that you've got a mouth and aren't afraid to let your opinions be made known. Why didn't you go for the Low & Wet?

Starr's done Tina - you're in 2nd place.
The cab driver can be the make it or break it.
I'm almost feeling sad for Tina - another serious height task.
I would totally suck at these memory tests. I'm just a simple, live in the moment kinda gal.
Ken & Tina are rockin' this game of concentration thing out!
I love it when Ken is right!!
Yeah, I guess that that glance backwards was you not paying any attention to them, eh Tina?

The Portland Building ... sounds like something that a cabbie should know.
I wonder how fast Team D'Andrew will be able to burn through the memory game?
Dueling cabbies!
Nick & Starr get lucky again!
I wonder if they'll have enough time/money to grab a snack at the Russian shack.
And Ken is right again - in your face Tina!
I feel a bit bad wishing against Ken & Tina just because of Tina.
You guys just got out of 2 legs of the race in Russia & you don't remember what the flag looks like Nick?!
Starr just lost all of the Italian sympathies.
They got lucky shouting out "Magic in the Hole? Can anyone tell us where the Magic in the Hole is?" I mean, there are a lot of places where asking for that in the street would get you into some trouble.
Ken & Tina got even more lucky that that other lady overheard and is still there.
Yeah Tina - your partner in the race (and life) is trying to slow you up.
I couldn't even understand a word that Nick said he was reading so fast.
Ken & his
Whistle could save the day!

You're back in the States - people don't just give up their cabs.
"This is the last time that I'm gonna run in my whole life". Ken is funny!!
Who is it???!!!
Of course - Nick & Starr!
I wonder how far behind Ken & Tina are ... and how long they'll have to wait for Team D'Andrew to show up.
Ken & Tina left it in God's hands - I wonder how they'll take a 2nd place finish?
Besides, Mom & Dad should be happy for their race children.
Ken is such a sweet heart - Tina doesn't know how good she has it.
Well, at least it wasn't dark when they rolled up.
Where are Dallas & Tina? OMG - what if they're still in Russia because they couldn't find their passports?!?
Scared 2

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