Thursday, March 6, 2008


The universe just has a way of balancing. Black and white. Yin and Yang. Lent (the fasting, abstinence and giving up) and Christmas (getting, getting and more getting). In return for the guilt that was heaped on me, the universe gave me plenty of waiting room knitting time and that gave me 6.5cm/2½" of ribbing on over 400 sts on the front & hood band on Beth's CPH.

And Kyle won't need surgery. The orthopedic surgeon is quite certain that while the bone isn't perfectly aligned, it's going to heal just fine. His range of mo
tion will be "normal". If he were a gifted basketball or football player or a pianist who needed an extended/maximum range of thumb motion, then the surgery would have been considered, but since he's not, he's doomed to complete and utter normality!! ROTFL
He chose black for his cast (I tried to get him to pick pink, but no sale) and here he is when I asked, "How's it going Kyle?".

A little later I asked, "Howzit now Kyle?".

Everything is thumb's up!! LMFAO!!! There is no way that I'm going to get tired of this joke before that casts comes off!!!
Thumbs Up

I'm off to cast off while Omarosa tries to squirm off of the hook. Again.

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