Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fast ...

Kristina and Kelly were at In the Loop today - it was fantastic to meet them in person! (Sorry about catching you in a blink K.!!)
JJ - I completely coerced Kristina into coming. I'm
a mother - I know how to push the right buttons. Then, before I could stop her, Enabler Wannietta took over and befriended Evil Kristina!! Good Kristina and Just-Sitting-and-Knitting Wannietta were tied up and gagged (and not with the nice yarn either!!) and could only watch helplessly while those two did what they do best. Then they left - wicked laughter echoing in their wake - leaving us holding the silk.

Enabler Wannietta has told me that I needed this to knit a new Knotted Openwork Scarf to replace the one that I left at Julie's. It must have fallen out of my sleeve the last time that I was there. I was quite certain that I was just fine making do with my other scarves but EW obviously knows better. I know, but what kind of Enabler would she be if she just drove me out to pick up the scarf? Rolling Eyes

Elise also stopped by to discuss a new project and she brought gifts!!
I absolutely love the sock tubes - they were put to immediate use on my SIP. I've never broken a needle in a knitting bag but I have pulled needles out of stitches when getting socks out so this is a perfectly practical gift. The next one is 2 little beaded scissor fobs that I can knit!! One has a little kitten charm on the bottom - awwww! Thank You

... and not so fast.

How is it that a finite and quantifiable number, like, oh, I don't know, let's say 12½", can take longer than would seem normal or necessary? The good news is that I managed to break free of this temporal loop - let the seaming commence!!

ETA a picture

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