Sunday, September 30, 2007

Deeper into Patrick

I have finished Elise's Felted Tweed Sweater!! It took longer than it may have - Elise has very undefined deadlines. She let me know earlier in the month that she really wanted to take it to Stitches East so with a deadline in sight it is done. So if you're there & you see Elise and ask real nice like, she may just give you a peek. No promises though.

I bought the 1st season of Heroes on DVD, and let me just say that this is the way to watch tv!! Kerwyn had to work this weekend, the kids were occupied with iPods, friends and work so I had the remarkable and rare experience of watching TV in peace and knitting.
With the Felted Tweed sweater off the needles I made some serious in-roads on Patrick. I will always associate this sweater with the handsome man wearing it so it is an especially pleasure to knit. Isn't he hot? Kind of Sean Connery-esque, and I love Sean Connery!!

My 1st Woolgirl sockclub shipment arrived and I love it. Totally my kind of colours - I hope that this is a good sign for the rest of the club year.
It will be my first sport weight pair of socks - I'm a bit of a die-hard fingering weight sock gal - but I will give it a shot. I mean, it will go faster, right? I'm almost done my FEBRUARY RSC socks so faster would be better.

Today is another great knitting day - after I went through Kyle's i-Tunes list and deleted all of the gangsta shit and the other crap that is inappropriate. Heavy metal isn't my favourite genre, okay I really hate it - how can you be happy when the music sounds so angry? - but when the themes are suicide, murder and drugs he will just have to find nicer groups. And I use the word "nicer" in a very relative context.

Coronation Street, Heroes & Patrick - here I come!!!

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