Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cinderella goes to the Ball

In which Cinderella is played by Wannietta and the Ball is the KW Knitters Fair.

I had such a wonderful time!! There was so much yarn and yarny goodness that I was on a giddy high just from breathing the air. Even though I was working (and calling it work is kind of misleading - I was lovin' it - Julie couldn't even get me to leave early!) at The Needle Emporium booth for most of the day, I walked around, soaking up the colours and textures. I didn't go with any preconceived ideas about what I might be wanting and I think that, along with all of the work knitting that I have to do right now that I was thoroughly sated by just being in the same building as all of the yarn.
Now, lest you think that I was image beside the definition of restraint, I did make a small purchase. An investment really.
Knitting Classic Style by Véronik Avery.
I love this book - whether it's cables, fair isle or simple ribbing for a sweater, sock or mitten, Veronik has given it a modern look using her trademark attention to detail without compromising her goal of a classic style. I am in total covet with the Fair Isle Cardigan.

I also remembered to take pictures! I saw:

the blog-free Rachel H. and Renee.

Close to the end of the day a nice lady in the bathroom said. "You look familiar". Once I said that my name is Wannietta, she remembered how she knew me. She's Lori of Oceanwind Knits - I had bought some yarn from her recently. Okay, in hindsight asking to take her picture while we were still in the bathroom was probably a bit creepy. But she didn't hold it against me. We left the loo & I asked again, "Now, can I take your picture?" LOL She's a really wonderful person, I wish that we would have had more time to talk.


I'm so excited for Angelika (on the right, pictured with Joan Kass) of Lindenhof Wool Mill - she is opening a yarn store in Toronto!! There will be there own line of yarns - alpaca, mohair, angora, Bison & wool. Rovings, both natural & dyed, hand-woven wool rugs, felting supplies and more. Gorgeous I tell you! You've been warned!! Angelika and her family are friendly, knowledgeable and hard working - you can't help but love the yarn that they produce.

The store is at 102 Ossington Ave between Queen St W & Dundas St. It will open on September 13th at 11am with the hours as follows:
Thursday 11-7
Friday 11-7
Saturday 9-4
Sunday 9-4

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