Sunday, April 9, 2006

Help me Obi Wannietta ...

Help me Obi Wannietta ... you're my only hope!

I will do all that I can. May the Force of Blocking be with you!!

I have also finished the back of Kyle's BS Cotton
sweater. This is wonderfully soft cotton - I really hope that it doesn't pill too much.

After a couple days of flurries my little flowers are braving a cool wind to bask in glorious sunshine. I can't wait to see my tulips - I love tulips!!

We also seem to have a skunk or two. Every morning there is evidence of their nightly foraging. I was told that mothballs would keep them away. As you can see in this picture I wasn't stingy. Someone forgot to mention that while they won't dig where the mothballs are, skunks don't mind walking around the mothballs and digging beside them. Since there seems to be no remedy - no I bloody will nottrap them and put them in my van for removal - and I can't spray for the grubs that the little stinkers seem to be so keen on until July!!!, I am taking limited comfort in knowing that my lawn is being aerated (big f'ing chunky aerated) and that there will not be as many grubs hatching (more noxious cocktail for the rest of 'em). Sigh Meanwhile, as I stroll the borders of my land the wind brings with it the tangy scent of naphtaline. Hopefully next weekend will be dry enough to rake and I can get ride of them.


  1. Oooh, tulips! I can't wait to garden again.

    Skunks, I wouldn't be messing with them. There must be some other solution. Maybe a sign that says, "No skunks allowed"?

  2. In our old place, a small townhouse with a miniscule backyard, we had a family of skunks living under the shed. Every night at around 10, they'd come out to feed....about 4 feet from our living room window. We tried living peacefully with them but eventually had to hire the "Critter Evictor" to come and humanely trap and remove them cause our house started smelling like them all the time. An animal that cute just shouldn't be that stinky! Good luck with it!

  3. I'm so glad tulips are emerging again. spring is finally here! good luck with the skunk. I saw a white one yesterday...

  4. That totally stinks about the skunk! Heehee ;0)

    But on the other hand, your flowers are very pretty and so encouraging. We still have a smallish patch of snow on our front yard. Boo winter!

  5. If skunks didn't smell so bad they'd actually be really cute. :)