Thursday, January 10, 2019


So I had started on Cheryl’s Jelly Roll socks  I got past the arch ribbing and started 2nd guessing it ... not everyone is a fan of that “arch hug”, so I had set them aside until she could try them on. Her colour request was blue, so I’m using a purple/blue and a green/blue. 

I couldn’t just not knit something, so I cast on my Turtlepurl What Does it Mean socks. Everything was going smoothly and brightly, but then I realized that I didn’t really have a kidsilk haze for the reinforcement!! Those of you who have been reading me for awhile know of my passion for kid silk haze as a sock reinforcing thread. It is light, strong, and comes in a myriad of colours that can match any sock that I can be knitting. So I texted Julie and after some pics and consult, I have two reds on the way. 
I got to the heel on the 1st sock and the ksh wasn’t here yet so then I put it on hold and set it aside to cast on the 2nd sock. The ksh is probably in my post box right now, but the weather is shit and when I allow myself an at home day, I don’t go outside for anything!!  I’ll check the post tomorrow morning on my way out. 

I did cast on for the next TSP, so I wasn’t idle today. It did take me awhile to get into a productive mode today; I was awake for no apparent reason from 02:30-05:00!! But I got going eventually and laundry got done, knitting got started and I even got a nap in! I’m catching up on Top Chef at the mo, and the keto brownies are almost ready to dig in to. Petey is giving me my evening foot massage. 
He really is the best dog when he’s not been clingy and overly protective. 

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