Monday, April 16, 2018

Done, done, started

I met my deadline; taking a vacation week was certainly key! 
Before I started on the next Top Secret Project, I took the opportunity to finish a pair of socks for me! 

Because socks for me kinda take the back burner, I don’t have as many new ones coming into the rotation, and since I wear them every day, it’s taking a toll. I have a number of pairs getting holes in the repairs. I think that I may have a go at cutting them off at the ankles and knitting just new feet. 

But before I embark on that, or my next assignment, I have started a pair for a colleague. We have a great management team and I have agreed to knit socks for my friends. They understand that this may take awhile 😏  Except for knitting socks for the Elise’s Knit One Below book, and my children, I don’t knit socks for other people, so this is a significant demonstration of my regard for these women. They make my job easier and more enjoyable. 

I am knitting this pair for Nicole. Her pair will be slightly bigger than mine, so to head off the dreaded Yarn Shortage Anxiety, I am knitting contrasting ribs, heels, and toes. It’s not as black as the pic looks - it’s a lovely dark, heathery blue. My fave reinforcing yarn is Kidsilk Haze. 
A labour of love balances everything. 

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