Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rainbow Delight

I finally rewarded myself with another packsage opening. This one is In The Deep Hue Sea  It's been several days of good knitting and I felt a treat was in order. 
I did not disappoint myself. A thoughtful sticker was a nice opening touch. 
500g of stunningly vibrant colours!!

I am a bit of a purist in my rainbows, so I'm not sure what to do with the pink, but I love all of the colours. Erica did two greens, blues, an indigo and a violet. I'm
stunned by the artistry of it and can't wait to get started on this Sweet Spot strip!!
She also included a couple of stitch markers which will never go wanting around me!! 

I received the new Hedgehog Fibres  kinny Singles Club package. I'm thinking that maybe I'll save them all up for an opening party. I'm surprised that I haven't come across any spoilers about the clubs in my social medias. 
So that's tonights excitement. I've finished Wentworth series 5, and I'm dying with curiosity to know what is coming in series 6!! 
I'm getting caught up on my reality series' now - FaceOff, Ink Master, Next Food Network Star ... just a few of my faves. 
It's back work tomorrow, so I'm going to knit for a few more hours yet. 

Hedgehog Fibres

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