Saturday, July 15, 2017


You know that when I'm so quiet on the blog, I've got a Super Secret Deadline on. 

But I did finish the hat for Elise and opened my reward! 

As lovely as I had remembered it!! Definitely going to be socks! I would like to have socks for all the major, legit and fun holidays. 

Craig and I have made time for a weekend at the beach. Goderich isn't one of the major beach towns, so it was not ridiculously crowded and we have had a lovely time - even the weather cooperated today! I have the varying shades of pink skin to prove it! 

Bowling was fun; I'm still not good at it, but I never gave up and earned a strike in my last frame! 
It's supposed to storm tomorrow, but that's ok. We've had a fantastic day today and it'll be a good winding down day before heading back to work. And when I say "winding down", you know I'm mean knitting 😏

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