Saturday, November 19, 2016


Today is just for me to be chill, relax with the puppies and be healthily selfish. I'm marathoning Shameless and eating whatever I crave. 
I'm finally getting to blocking my finished Building Blocks shawl!! It's totally Soakworthy  And I'm blocking it in half since it's massive!! 

It'll be fantastic for the impending winter about to descend upon us. And just my luck, I signed up to work, got on the list AND my snow tires got put off from last Monday to the day after the first storm is forecast. 
I am also blocking Sorrento  I know, it kind of got stalled whilst Building Blocks was in the needles, but I'm making up for lost time now!  
The beach blanket is doing little to chase the grey chill that is outside, but that's what electric fireplaces are for. Though if you ask the puppies, I turn it in for them. LOL!! 
This is why I almost never use bleach.
 But the counter tops and the dish cloth needed hard core cleaning ... fortunately, it's an at-home comfy shirt. Still, annoyed. 

Now you're pretty much caught up ... I'm off to eat ... beans and egg on garlic bread with cheese toast. I know!!! It's what I craved and it is going to be delish!! 

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