Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I am off for 12 days to the Ontario Vipassana Centre. I have been trying to get in to a course for quite a while now but there was always one roadblock or another. I am very fortunate that things finally sorted out on all fronts and I'm really going.

I am really looking forward to this experience. While the Noble Silence, vegetarian meals and lack of connection to all things virtual and physical are daunting I am not 2nd guessing my decision at all. Giving the tumultuous last couple of years I welcome the opportunity of just quiet and finding my own mental clarity and awareness.

This is truly a selfish act on my part; I am doing this only for me. I need to know that I have dealt with all of my feelings about all that's happened with me and that I haven't just put a Pollyanna or Scarlet O'Hara face on. I want to be able to go forward with my life knowing with a certainty that I am unencumbered and unfettered by invisible tethers.

I am going in with an open mind, no expectations and truly willing to commit to and immerse myself in the experience, willing to embrace whatever physical, mental and emotional benefits I can take away with me.

I will be completely without communication for the 12 days, and while it's not like I've not gone 12 days without blogging, I won't have my phone or anything else either. So don't worry if you don't hear back from me ... I'm totally like the proverbial bad penny - I'll turn up.

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  1. Twelve days in a different world is going to change you. Hope the transition back to mundane isn't too jarring. All best wishes!