Thursday, January 16, 2014

100 Happy Days

So I have been participating in 100 Happy Days challenge.

I have missed a few days, not necessarily because I couldn't find joy in anything that day but the day just got away on me.

Yesterday I met up with Myrelle and picked up these:

Myrelle had commented on my last blog post that she had stones that she no longer used and would I be interested. Would I?!? I am so thrilled - this kind of happiness will stay with me and make me smile every time that I use them.  And while some of them are doubles that perfect because I have brought some to Lees. For all that the man cooks a lot, it's pretty much all stove-top, he doesn't bake so has no tools for it. Now he does; or rather I do.

Today when I arrived at Lees I saw this:

Lego Central!! I'm not sure who enjoys the Lego more - Lee or Jake! Jake loves playing with it though, not just building it; he'll spend hours playing with it.

So, this is days 7 & 8. What makes you happy?


  1. Will they be going to see the new Lego Movie? It's out sometime in February and is what Lego dreams are made of. LOL My kids love Lego too. Me? I just try not to step on it. I do love the Lego video games; they're hilarious and fun.

  2. Jake plays the Lego Star Wars on Wii. I've been looking forward to the Lego movie since I saw a preview last year for it. Lee seems less enthusiastic but we'll totally be going to see it!!

  3. My fuzzy bathrobe makes me happy. Sunshine makes me happy. Naps make me sooo happy!