Friday, September 6, 2013

New socks

So I've always done my socks with about a 7" leg. When I wore my lovely clear Wellies the other day it looked strange with short-ish socks inside them.
So once I finished the Amalfi Poncho, I cast on straight away for a new nearly knee-high socks. Unfortunately I was at Lees and I didn't have the wonderful handout from Kate's sock class. So old-school trial and error it would be.

I generally cast on 72 sts for the 2x2 run and go down 68 for the leg. I did this and tried it on higher on my leg to get an idea of how many more sts I might need.

So I cast on 84 sts and worked in rib for 3" and then did a double dec at the back of the leg on alt rnds down to 68 sts. It was too tight still and the decs were not spaced out enough.

Now I have cast on 96 sts and have begun double decs on every 3rd rnd after 2".

But I have been distracted by a shawl that I've cast on for Elise so my trials (and ensuing errors) may have to wait.

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  1. I don't know if you'll consider this heresy, and I admit I haven't done knee-hi socks (yet) but...for a ribbed sock, I'd probably start it toes up, and would gradually increase between ribs all the way around until I got the fit loose enough to get into, snug enough to stay up, and long enough to suit the look, fit, comfort, and of the advantages to knitting socks from the toes up.

    Love the yarn! (I must admit the design of the ribs in the back is intriguing though.) :~D

  2. Oh, and happy birthday! (Or hippo birdies, as we say on Ravelry.) ;~)