Thursday, September 5, 2013


I have had migraines for a lot of years. I used to take Imitrex until it just stopped working and now I take Zomig. Very effective and if I can catch the migraine early enough the Zomig works well enough that I can work/live through the migraine.

Recently, however, the migraines have been hitting me harder and faster. There are no creeping warning signs, just crushing and debilitating pain that the Zomig will take care of but only after hours in a bed-cave.

I think that I'll have to start going for acupuncture again; it worked well in the past to alleviate the immediate symptoms and reduced the frequency and severity of the occurences - it certainly can't hurt now.

Anyone have any other remedies?


  1. Drink more water.....seriously.....just in general. You work in retsil, and I bet you don't drink because you don't want to have to go...right? Drink more.....water :)

  2. Indigestion could trigger migraine. Bad foods such as fried foods, oil foods could lead to headache. Stress, tension and fatigue could also lead to headache.
    Spinach, cucumber juice, carrot juice and inhalation of lavender oil are excellent remedies to migraine headache.
    Ginkgo and feverfew are excellent herbs to cure migraine.