Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It took over 5 months (yes, that's a horrible new record for me) but there were things - messing up cables at the beginning, circular needles, not sure if the fuzziness of the alpaca was right for the pattern (my issue - Beth loved it from the get-go), seasonal insanity at work and issues with the sleeve length and wrist size that hampered smooth and expeditious progress. Good things come to those who wait though and Beth has a cozy sweater perfect for the cold days that still plague Ontario!!

I have been working on a few small projects for Caroline of Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts.
Lovely Leaves Fingerless Gloves

Orenburg Rhapsody
The Honeycomb Mobius Cowl is on the needles. Fun and quick designs paired with lovely yarn that is so rich with colour. Check her out!!

Lee has set up a fish tank at his.
Jake loves it and helped to pick out a fish for me (I couldn't make the fishing trip); Lenny (a red-tailed shark) is hiding in there somewhere!

I love my Kobo Glo and finally bought some "accessories" for it.I'm actually returning the hardcover Clockwork Orange; it doesn't stay closed with the Glo is inside.

Hopefully Spring is truly on the way after this last blast from Old Man Winter. There was ice on all the surfaces but fortunately the roads were salted and not a Yes, I *could* go out and walk/run in the winter but I don't do cold.
I can't wait to be able to get out and get fit for the baseball season!

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  1. Linda in Waterloo8:50 AM

    Yup, long cold winter here. Way too much ice. Lovely knitting to show. Fish tanks are wonderfully relaxing.