Sunday, October 14, 2012

Woodstock Fleece Festival - The Day

Helen and I had a blast!!! Neither one of us bought very much but we found what was needful and lovely and touched so much more!!!

Shouts out to Lori and Carol - awesome to see you ladies again!!

Helen found a perfect worsted weight for a hat for her grandmother - Malabrigo. She also purchased another knitting project bag and some koigu for fingerless mitts.
I fell hard for some Studioloo - the colours in Vintage Sundress sung an irresistible siren song to me (and my feet), then I saw "eat your greens" and knew that I had to have it to swatch up for another Sweet Spot strip.

We petted an French Angora rabbit and had some close moments with Halifax, a very loving (and lovable) alpaca!!

I had swatched for Seanair Friday.
Very Loose
Still loose
Apparently I am a much looser knitter on circulars. I started on the recommended 4mm needles and finally achieved gauge on 3mm needles! I cast on for while Helen was in class for the afternoon. With that time and the drive home and DVR watching last night, I am off to an excellent start!!

Today I am revisiting my Rockefeller shawl - I really hope that I can finish the 2nd (and final) wing today.

I have been coveting starting the Color Affection shawl but between not being able to completely commit to a colourway and having a lightweight shawl on the needles I've talked myself out of purchasing yarn.

This is a Madelaine Tosh Merino Light colourway that I've picked out that I keep going back to.

Okay ... back at it; I am really excited about finishing a project for myself!!

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