Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Knitting

I'm still here!!
A new year has started and I am very happy. Things are progressing - the house sold, separation/divorce is a grindingly slow & stressful process but it too is moving along. I have a small apt that holds all of my books & yarn and I have discovered that my heart was not broken beyond healing and my knitting mojo is coming back which makes me very happy too.

I have a new project fromJulie - the wildflower cardigan by Alana Dakos. I can't wait to start it using the moss colour way of madelainetosh pashmina.

And a secret project for Elise out of a Lang lace weight.

My first fo of the year is a pair of mittens for my cousins daughter. They're going off for sizing then I can make mods if required and bang out a few more pairs for her before winter ends.

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  1. SO glad to see you and know that you are coming out on the other side!!!

  2. New start in the new year! Must be something in the air, I'm working on mittens too!

  3. Welcome back! Yayyyyyy! confetti cannons going off and bands playing joyously!

    Love the PINKmitties. Love the luscious yarn,and Istand in AWE of the sweater you are working on.OMG!. So glad you are getting on top of it. bless your dear heart,Sweetie. HOlding you in our prayers.