Saturday, January 21, 2012

An earned day

I am going nowhere today.

I spent day 1 off yesterday doing battle with yet another migraine. I am seriously going to have to start back on the acupuncture for those. They are becoming more intense & debilitating. Thank God that Ron was able to make time to go get & bring me my meds; I'd not have been able to drive.

I saw the surgeon who did my lumpectomy yesterday for my 11/2 year follow up. He loved my hair and apologized again for the "less than cosmetic result". I told him (again) that I was happy that he acted as quickly as he did once I got in to see him & that he saved what he did. His professional opinion is that I have perfect breasts. I love my layman's opinion but it's nice to have an M.D., F.R.C.S(C) confirm it ;-)
I am waiting to hear back from the plastic surgeon to confirm a date for reconstruction. I have wanted to do this from the initial surgery; I waited a year to initiate the consult just to make sure it wasn't an emotional decision and once I met with him I knew that it's truly right for me.

I have my sofa set up by the living room window - lovely daylight!! I am swatching for the wildflower cardigan. I normally knit tight so I started with a 4mm needle when the pattern suggested a 3.75mm needle to get a 28st gauge. I got 24sts. So I went down to a 3.5mm - 26sts. Ok fine. 3.25mm.

I have all the necessary & unnecessary things that I need to enjoy a day of peace & knitting.

I am also going to block Elise's shawl ... now.

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  1. I hate the way migraines leave me feeling like I have glue in my brain. Hope the acupuncture takes effect quickly.

    Hooray for natural light and lots to knit. Of course you have perfect breasts!