Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catching up

I know, but I have felt a bit betwixt & between lately and the blogging has been the innocent victim.

The Toronto Spiders brought their A game for the B2B challenge but the weather just didn't cooperate so a very cool day combined with the 5 minute penalty that we take for using a pre-shorn fleece garnered us a 2nd place by only 5 minutes & 5 seconds!!! Absolutely no shame in that - Canadian athletes of all ilk would love to brag on a silver! We're working on a winning game plan for next year - y'all know that you'll be the 1st to know!

I had the most wonderful time with Elise, a week just wasn't enough!!

There is a castle in Wassenaar with a stork's nest at the top. It's quite an attraction and people come by to make sure that the 3 young'uns are doing well.

I tried and loved the Dutch snack bitterballen! I thought that it was hilarious that McDonalds served them - I wonder what the chances of getting them in Angus are?

We watched a storm travel across the ocean, but it was a lot less humourous when we got caught in it!! We were totally drenched in the 4 minutes that it took to get to the car at which time the rain stopped (of course) and the sun came out. The lady at the desk at the inn where I stayed did a total double-take when I walked in. She stood up to look outside, where it hadn't rained at all just 10 minutes away!!
The ships stay anchored out there waiting for the price of whatever their cargo is - often oil - to rise and then they pull into the Rotterdam port and off load. Can't you just picture a little pencil-pushing bean counter in an office halfwa
y around the world calculating the cost of remaining anchored vs. the potential for increased profits.

A lot of people have collections that they display in their windows. Elise & I were very pleased to find a spool knitting collection!

I have the rest of the pictures up on Flickr.

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