Sunday, September 28, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - I

And Phil is looking as fine as ever!

I've got to admit to liking Anita & Arthur from the get go.
I'm sure that it will be readily apparent which teams have the brawn and/or brains and which teams are, well, lacking.
Mercedes Benz's to start - not too shabby!
Not surprised that Anita & Arthur are the last up the stairs, but we all know that airports are the great equalizers.
Brazil Sounds like fun!
Not sure that TAR is the place to forget about an infidelity. I'm willing to bet that we'll hear about it at least once a week while they last.
Not sure that Tina looks like the kinda mom that you want to be adopted by.
I've got a good feeling about Mark & Bill - they seem to have the brains part covered.
Hey, the Frat Boys called themselves idiots first.
Why aren't Toni & Dallas taking off for the UA counter the nano second that they heard that the flight was full? Surely they're not waiting for the Frat Boys to have 1st go.

Thinking Tina doesn't seem to be as sure that allying with Nick & Starr is as good of an idea as Ken does.
Well there ya go. AA is not quite as much of an advantage as they thought.
ROTFL I saw that coming!! It wouldn't be a task if it was simple. Tying it down with a jacket is a good idea.
Terence is a wee bit of a drama queen.
Look at Mark & Bill using the $5.00 words! Funicular
Way to be happy that you're ahead of your alliance team.
Has Marissa (or was it Brooke?) never seen TAR? It's all about the foreign airports & countries.

Awwww - Poor Terence. Big Hug Here's a hug for ya.
Follow that cab and hope that their cabbie knows where he's going.
I think that it's quite obvious that you don't need friends Terence.
You're the running coach dude - suck it up!
Hard Way Up or Soft Way Down
Are you freakin' kidding me? Soft way down. Heights is not my thing, but climbing up stairs on your knees?
You "hate them so much right now" for not answering your ramblings about a cab? When they may not have even heard you?
Rolling Eyes
Tina's harpy/shrew routine is getting on my nerves right up there with Terence's whining.
I hope that Sarah beats Terence to the bottom.
Kicking Dirt
What? You thought that crawling up a stone staircase on your hands and knees would be easy? Crazy
What else could you be thinking about other than how many stairs there are? Maybe that's just me and my compulsive tendencies.
I thought that there might have been a bit of a trick where they'd have to include the number of stairs that they climbed the 1st time.
Awww - not getting a good feeling for Anita & Arthur.
Crying 1I loved 'em while they lasted.

TAR is off to a great start but it's going to be a long race if Terence & Tina are around for any length of time. But I'm sure that they'll get plenty of face time.

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