Saturday, September 27, 2008

Prodigal Blogger

Hey there - all 2 or 3 of you left! I'm sorry that I left you worrying and it was really sweet of you to write me. Kisses

I kept knitting "just one more project" for Elise until it really was the last. It was an adventure up the the last but they all got done and the book is off to be printed. I'm really hoping that it will be ready for Stitches East - if it is I'll be there!!
I'm actually doing a tam for Elise for the opening day of Stitches - but you'll have to wait for a picture.

I've started on China Clouds for Cindy's mom - I'm loving it. Totally challenging, not quick but very satisfying.

I finished my Annetrelac socks - I'll take a full-foot picture when they're done in the laundry. They think that I'm crazy enough at work taking a picture of them without adding full sock nudity to the mix!

I knit Brooke's Lace Shawl just in ti
me for the Frolic - Sarah modeled it! A very interesting construction - not hard but you really have to follow the pattern, placing the markers so that everything lines up.

I'm working full time in the office - A/R, A/P, billing, dispatch/charter relief. Pretty much anything that can be requested of the Office Admin., I do it. It's non-stop from the moment I get there (6:00AM-ish) until I leave - usually around 3:00PM-ish. I love it but then when I get home it's all about sorting out homework and dinner then squeezing in knitting. I will be more diligent about blogging - I've missed it, and you all.

I made it down to The Purple Purl for the Knitty Round Table last week - it was the perfect way to kick off my 39th year! It was made extra special by the chocolate cake that Leslie (The Knitting Therapist) made. It was decadent and quite possibly the best chocolate cake that I have ever eaten. Seriously dudes. I am going to have to ask implore her for the recipe - unless she's going to open her own pastry store in which she only sells this cake. Because she totally could.
I talked a little shop with Amy - that's all I can say about that for now

And hey - Amazing Race 13 starts up tomorrow night - it'll be Watching TAR with Wannietta time again. If you haven't been here for that, it's just me, watching TAR and blogging (most everything) that I think and often say out loud. It's like watching it with me!! Hush up Ada - it's fun to watch TV with me!!!

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