Sunday, July 22, 2007

A weekend at Lindehof

Joan Kass and I were invited up to Lindenhof Wool Mill this weekend for a tour, roll naked in to meet and knit with their sumptuous yarn and work out some pattern ideas to knit up with their yarn.
We just had to stop in Meaford for a picture in front of Georgian Bay.
The colours of the water were so varied & beautiful.
We had a positively delightful time! Angelika took us on a tour of the mill when we arrived Saturday. Never having seen a mill before I was a bit surprised by how much hand work is involved in processing and milling wool. And then the skeins still have to be given a final wash & dyed. OMG - the colours! Unfortunately, my picture of their yarn wall was hopelessly blurred, but here is a shot of some of the yarn that Joan & I are going to work with. They do hand paints and "mostly solids" and the colours are so rich and alluring. Even the naturals seem to have a special richness that just begs to be invested into the perfect sweater. They use wool, alpaca, silk, mohair and angora to create a variety of yarns and rovings.
Ohhhh, looky!!
Prize-winning 100% alpaca.
While doing all of the things necessary to make sure that the household runs smoothly while Angelika and Sabine are in the Mill, Oma knit socks. Clickety-clicking away she just cranks out socks with the Lindenhof sock yarn. Joan brought home her favourite colourway - good thing that she did; for now the hand painted sock yarns are produced in unique, non-repeatable colourways. Because my German is limited to "guten morgen/nacht", "Ich spreche nicht Deutsche" and a few numbers and colours, Sabine translated for Oma so that I could write out her standard sock pattern.
Not only were we treated to this personal introduction to unique yarns, we were wined & dined and put up in a beautiful guest house. Being just a few hours out of Toronto it's a perfect place to get away for the weekend!

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