Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stitch 'n Pitch

I mentioned the upcoming Toronto Blue Jays (vs the A's) Stitch n' Pitch on Sunday and I just wanted to elaborate a bit more.
You don't have to like baseball to come.
Like you don't have to like reading to go to the local knitting guild meeting at the library. But if you do like baseball this'll be an awesome night!
This is going to be a massive KIP opportunity. I mean, how many time do you think that an entire section (or more if necessary) of knitters will get put up on the JumboTron? And really, what are the chances that sports commentators are going to be able to ignore the most fun-having section in the Dome?
I don't think so!!

We are also encouraging any and all kinds of stitching - crocheting, cross stitching, embroidery, needle point and, of course, knitting!!
I'm not one to watch baseball on TV but I love a live game and to not be the only knitter there - there's no way I'm gonna miss this!
You can get tickets here, or from Joan Kass at the DKC or from Julie at The Needle Emporium. We'll all get a Blue Jays knitting bag and I'm told that there are going to be knitterly goodies in it!! So whadda'ya say - shall we "knit, knit, knit for the home team"?

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