Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Winding Way

I know. I keep saying I’m going to blog, and I do well, then I stop. Mostly it’s because I get stuck into a project and I’d just rather keep knitting than stop and write about it. I know, not super helpful to my 4 followers, but there it is. And then sometimes I wonder if I’m Instagramming and Facebooking it all, is blogging just redundant? 

But then sometimes I get the urge to write it down and catch y’all up, so here I am again,

I have started knitting Mr Darcy for a friend of a friend. See? There are times when being my friend has its perks. I converted it to straight knitting; it’s my preferred style, and given that the top of the body is worked straight and the sleeves done either on dpn or Magic Loop, I chose to knit in a manner that will be consistent throughout the garment to prevent any gauge issues that can occur when switching between styles.

I’m doing a quick mid-block to make sure that everything is good whilst I start on a different project.

I love/hate winding yarn from skeins into cakes. I like making sure that the yarn is caked lightly and softly and not all hard and strangled. But then there is a significant outlay of time to ensure this quality. I wind a cake at least twice, if not thrice. It always comes out too tight and hard the first time. 

It took about 45 mins to wind these 3 cakes of lace-weight yarn. The difference between them (R to L) is wound once, twice, thrice. It’s subtle, but you can see the difference and the feel of the cakes - vastly different!!

My wee granddaughter Mina is growing! And when I say “growing” I mean cuter!!

When she pulls a face like this, she looks so much like her older brother!! 

The puppies are doing quite well. They are still my comfort and joy on the daily.

Petey still has his sock fetish. He doesn’t chew mine, he likes them as a comfort item. Chica is still the smart one, cocking her head like she really understands. 

My current TV marathon is MasterChef Australia. I’m on Series 3 of 10 and I am just hooked. The have like 72 shows per series, so it’s truly a marathon, but I love it! Yes , the accent is a plus ;) I swear, my Android box is one of the best things that I have ever purchased! I wish that i had done it sooner, but I’m intent on making up for lost time - lol!!! 

Ok. Back at it. Gotta make the most of my days off :)

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