Monday, October 23, 2017

That’s Wannietta!

I am who I am, and I’m too old for that to change. 
I have a favorite TeeFury T-shirt, and I’ve been thinking a long time about getting it as a tattoo. Customizeart was visiting Toronto and was guesting at Golden Iron  and I love their new school style, so I grabbed this once in a lifetime opportunity!! I am so pleased with the result! María imbued my T-shirt George Joker with all the mischievous and creepy personality that he could possess. 

It’s not everyone’s style, but it’s me, and now it’s mine forever!! 
It stung like a mofo, but I bore it like a champ and it was worth it. 

Speaking of TeeFury, they had another grab bag sale. I love these, and while it’s a roll of the dice, I totally scored this go-round!!! 

Not a bad one in the bunch!! I’m just giddy with delight!!! 
Then there’s this one. I ordered it as a daily special, and it will be this years Halloween T-shirt. It also glows in the dark!! I know - super creepy!!! 

I am fighting off the cold that a few coworkers have been bringing ‘round, so I’ve been sleeping a lot, which cuts into knitting time. I’m going to spend a few hours tonight knitting on something ... idk what. I’ll post actual knitting pics tomorrow!! 

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