Thursday, March 2, 2017


For the longest time, I've not used polysporin, not even a little. I have several antibiotic allergies, I try not to use any antibiotic anything unless truly necessary. 
My belly button piercing had not been truly healing. I used the recommended Spectro wash, then after changing the jewelry out so it would lay more flat, it improved, but still was not dry healed. I've been catching it on boxes at work and decided that maybe a touch of polysporin would do the trick. 
No. No it didn't. Just two days of  sparse application had my poor belly button swollen, hivey, and itchy nearly beyond bearing. I had to take the piercing out altogether. 
I'm not posting pictures - it wasn't pretty. 
Two days of diligent, light cleansing with a sterile sodium chloride solution, diligent drying, and prayer (to the old gods and the new) has me not wanting to run around naked so a shirt doesn't touch my belly. 
Sadly, my piercing grew over with astonishing quickness! My tongue piercing can be out for days, but my belly heals in the blink of an eye. I'll not be re-doing it. I will find other things to poke holes in. 

The power was out this morning; I didn't get to make my habitual morning coffee. I made due with what was at hand and didn't starve.  
Knitting progress had been a bit slow. I think my body wanted extra rest to fight off this minor wretchedness. And yet I persist and have something to show for my efforts. 
I'm learning new things at work; I love the challenges!! 
I'm putting my foot massager (the Homedics one, not Craig) to good use! I don't know how I didn't think to invest in one of these sooner. 

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