Saturday, August 31, 2013

Camping at The Pinery

So we went camping this week at the Pinery Provincial Park - my first camping trip since I was little and went with my parents.
We had a few errands to run and then the inevitable "oops ... forgot" stops and  arrived early Monday evening. Lee set up the sorted out the shelter and fire while I went off foraging for food. The sky was clear and I saw 3 falling stars - took care of the big wishes.

Jake had a blast with some special glow sticks that were gifted to him.

The Force is strong in this one!!

The boys went of in search of some provisions so I woke up alone and left to my own devices. Fortunately I had devices and was roughing it Namaste style!

Tuesday was a nice day - swimming took up most of our day. Lee & I both ended up with some sun burn. It was overcast when we left the campsite so Lee & I didn't think that we'd need the sunscreen but it totally brightened up in the 7 minutes it took to walk to the beach.

I spotted a Phasmatodea on the tree in the center of our campsite. None of us had seen one before and it was very cool. It wobbled on its tiny stick legs when it walked. It disappeared up the tree by the time we had turned in for the night; I wonder if it sensed the storm and headed for higher cover.

Lee made a delish spaghetti sauce for dinner. We got through dinner and some drinks before the lightning started. Torrential rains all night, leaks in the tent, a neighbouring tarp collecting and dumping water ceaselessly = little to no sleep.

Wednesday morning was about setting things out to dry. Jake rode his bike through all of the water puddles! We went into Grand Bend for mini golf.

It was a lot of fun, more so because I won!!!

When we got back there was a warning from the Ministry of Health that the beach was a danger due to high bacteria levels - stupid storm!!

So there were card games and Jake played with some children from a neighbouring site. Lee made chili - nice and not spicy per request of the pickiest camper.

I had bought those packs that make coloured fire - Jake & I are easily amused!! It was hard to capture the colours but trust me - very cool!

Lee and I had toasted marshmallows - mmmmmm perfection!

On our last morning I made bacon and eggs to order and I was on the money! Mostly it's a "take what you get" thing when I cook but I wanted to do right by our last camp meal. Mission accomplished.

I help get the small stuff sorted away then Jake & I went to the beach while Lee broke down the tent and packed up the truck. It was way easier to divide and conquer than have a 7 year old boy bored and complaining. It was gorgeous and sunny; I'm not totally untrainable so sunscreen was applied. The water was refreshing and totally perfect once I was all the way in. Jake played with another boy on the beach (love camping for that - there is always someone for the kids to play with!) and I just floated in the water and soaked up the sunshine.

Next year we hope to stay longer than 3 nights; it seemed like we had just arrived and settled in and suddenly it was time to go.

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