Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My hair is growing in ... long enough to run my fingers through it. It's like Rosemary's Baby short but growing and I have to admit that wetting up my hands & drying them in my hair to style it has an ease that has its own appeal. And it didn't come back in "not grey" as I had hoped, but the grey is easily & colourfully remedied.

Chemo is the gift that just keeps giving. I had lost 2 toe nails during chemo from stubbing them. They've grown back in, but not quite the same (2nd toe on the left foot). The big toe nail on my right foot is lifting (and oozy), the one beside it & the big toe on my left foot look totally dead and I'm sure their loss i
s imminent. The "growth rings" are kind of interesting ... while I'm glad that I had my hands sitting in ice during the Taxotere treatments to help preserve my nails I really wish they had done it for my feet.
I've not really been one for pedicures & open toe shoes (the jobs I work at mostly) but sometimes I like to pamper my naked feet. I wonder if you get a discount on pedicures that don't require nail attention? Ah w
ell, this too shall pass.

I've gotten signed off on returning to work May 30th. Yes, I am excited!! It will be nice to see my friends every day and get back into a routine again. I am lucky that I will not have to jump back into Dept Mgr duties and the associated stresses - I'll be working up at the front end; cashier and Customer Service. I love front end - I'm the first one up to a till when they call for "cash trained associates" during busy times - and am looking forward to it.
The HR Mgr has enthusiastically agreed to arrange for a "dress down" day for staff on the day of my return - denim & pink - and the money raised will be to support me & the DKC/Toronto Spiders Relay for Life team!! We'll probably get a couple more in before June 17th too. Even mor
e awesome?? Walmart Canada will match all of the monies raised!!! I know!!

I've been working on a new project for Elise - gorgeous rainbow-bright Wollmeise.

I've also started on Irish Coffee by BabyCocktails for Julie. The yarn is Naturally's Aran Tweed - gorgeously soft!! I should have read ahead a bit more thoroughly in the pattern; I was cruising along to the 9" armhole depth when I read the "switching from ribbing to cable & stockinette" instructions.
Which I should have started 2.5" ago. It'll go quickly enough switching to stockinette.


  1. It's as if the spring that we're all missing has hit you, with all your fresh beginnings - SO happy that you're happy (well, except for the toenails, but hopefully they'll start cooperating too)...

  2. Way to go Wal-Mart Canada! That's some good support there! GLad to hear all teh good going on. ANd I love the purple hair...

  3. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Have been watching you with interest. I am a little behind you on the cancer front - so thrilled, my toes look like yours (darned Taxol) and I have 2 about to leave my right foot. Quite colourful right now. Love your hair, mine is still very sparse. I have 16 more radiation to go. Nice to see you are able to get back to work.
    Good luck and all the best.

  4. Love the colorful hair! Too bad about the tonails, though.

  5. The toenails will come back. The purple hair rawks. Yay, Wannietta!

  6. Love the purple hair! I'm sure your toenails will grow again. :) keep the fight up!youll get better soon