Thursday, July 10, 2008

Newest Members of my Stash Family

Amanda & I both had a wonderful time at the Tent Sale & at The Needle Emporium. Really, you have no idea how much she loves going there - working the register, neaten shelves, seeing Julie, Jane, Cathy & Sarah (she really missed you Sarah!!!) and even sweeping & making up price stickers.

I think that I demonstrated a remarkable amount of restraint, coming a
way only with the following:

The Cotton Braid will most likely find itself being knit into this:

Amanda also begged me i
nto starting her on the pathway sock knitting. She couldn't wait so I got her casting on at the store and then she picked it up and kept going at home to make sure that she felt pretty good about working on multiple needles so that when I went to work she'd be able to go on her own. I finally had to make her put it away. "Just one more needle," wears a little thin at 10:00PM. She made excellent progress!! I would love for her to love it, but I've told her that if she's not enjoying it she doesn't have to keep at it - there are other projects that she could try.

Amanda & I will be at the Stitch 'n Pitch Toronto on August 5th - it's going to totally rock!!!
Edited to change S'nP date!! Duh

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