Monday, April 29, 2019


Saturday at The Frolic was so much fun - as always!! We had the Throwback 4 ways at The Needle Emporium booth. There were so many ooohs and ahhhs as Frolicers realized that we were all wearing our own versions of the Throwback! 

Company T-shirts are cool and all, but seeing 4 versions of a sweater on real people - priceless!! After much discussion, we settled on Understated for out Knitters Fair sweater. Simple, but the simplicity lends itself to highlighting the yarn and the skill of the knitter. I can’t wait to see what we all pick out! I’ll probably head to Julie’s this weekend to pick out my colour ... I might be the one in the group who goes bright on this! 

I am passed the short row shaping for the front neck on Amali and am enjoying the pleasure of just knitting stockinette in a yarn whose spirit just refuses to be captured by a mere camera lens. 
I have also made av bit more fabric on Veronica’s Christian Grey socks. 

The snow!!! in Angus is motivating and I’m going to be productive after I hit “publish”.