Monday, April 29, 2019


Saturday at The Frolic was so much fun - as always!! We had the Throwback 4 ways at The Needle Emporium booth. There were so many ooohs and ahhhs as Frolicers realized that we were all wearing our own versions of the Throwback! 

Company T-shirts are cool and all, but seeing 4 versions of a sweater on real people - priceless!! After much discussion, we settled on Understated for out Knitters Fair sweater. Simple, but the simplicity lends itself to highlighting the yarn and the skill of the knitter. I can’t wait to see what we all pick out! I’ll probably head to Julie’s this weekend to pick out my colour ... I might be the one in the group who goes bright on this! 

I am passed the short row shaping for the front neck on Amali and am enjoying the pleasure of just knitting stockinette in a yarn whose spirit just refuses to be captured by a mere camera lens. 
I have also made av bit more fabric on Veronica’s Christian Grey socks. 

The snow!!! in Angus is motivating and I’m going to be productive after I hit “publish”. 

Thursday, April 25, 2019


I have only gotten a little done on the pink Leo & Roxy strip - we’re coming up on the busy season at DQ and the transition for scheduling is tricky so some  most shifts run long. I live what I do, so it’s no great hardship - I’m fortunate that the puppies and Craig are understanding. 
These pinks are so intense and subtle!! I may name this the 50 Shades of Pink strip! 
I’ll do a bit more on this tonight, then tomorrow start on a quick little Amali for la Bien Aimée  It is a privilege to be able to do this sample for her and I can’t wait to get this lovely yarn between my fingers!! 

Tomorrow, amongst my errands, is a mission for buttons for my Throwback for the Frolic - I’ve certainly left it to the last minute!! 

Monday, April 22, 2019


I finished Leo & Roxy s April from their Mystery Yarn Club!! The regularity of the patterning is addictive - I had to count almost every other row so that I didn’t get caught up and just keep knitting.  

My fix is not complete. I am going to wind up the three skeins that Craig & I bought at their birthday event and do a strip for the next Sweet Spot afghan. I’m going to do an “a, b, c, c, b, a” stripe sequence - this is going to be gorgeous!! 

Gonna wind them up now and try to resist casting on as I have to be at work early tomorrow. May the odds be ever in my favour - though I’m not sure what my favour in this instance truly would be!! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Just. Can’t. Stop.

Look at this face!! You’d never guess that Chica has the most foul flatulence of a dog five times her size!!! I think that it may have been the raw bone she had earlier.  Lord have mercy - there’s no warning sounds as she slumbers beside me, just air so thick with noxious gas that my eyes start watering as I try not to gasp for air. 
Then there’s Petey. What sets Petey off?
People outside
Dogs outside
Voices/sounds from the front apt
Animal sounds on tv
Seeing an animal on tv that doesn’t make a sound
Me putting my knitting down 
Extending/retracting the recliner
End credits on a show (change in music/graphics?)
Crying (mostly babies)
The word “baby”
Me getting up 
This dog is the chillest and also the most high strung dog - he does my head in. But I love him and, more importantly, he loves me. 

I have made much progress on my Leo & Roxy Sweet Spot strip - I just can’t stop!! January has great colours - très English Garden, February is more subtle, but March is giving me life!! That dark blue line, the yellow streaks interrupting the seafoam, and the tiny hits of Barbie pink!! 

April is a study of violet, lavender, purple, and mauve!

The Frolic is only 10 sleeps away. I have got to get buttons for my Throwback cardigan and then sew them on! 

Sweet Spot The Frolic

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Planned Argyle

I am finally blocking my Lolo Sweet Spot strip! Wow - this gives me so much joy!!

I did run short on the last colour section, so this strip will be the start of a new afghan, as I need the same number of rows in the strips to be able to join them without fudging. Not a problem as I have many more strips I’d like to do. 

I have started on my Leo & Roxy strip. January is quite colourful and sometimes too a step sideways on a colour, but the patterning still runs through it. February is more subtle and delicate. . 

I’m off to work, so I will have to wait until later to keep making this magic happen